Healthcare Related Matters

Experienced counsel

Our attorneys have extensive experience working with healthcare providers, and we understand the situations unique to your profession. We provide effective guidance for any legal situation your institution or practice faces. 

Healthcare Credentialing

A healthcare practice can be irreparably harmed by a third-party payor’s termination of its in-network status. Our experienced attorneys have litigated termination appeals from meeting complex notification requirements through termination appeal hearings.

Our firm represents physicians, nurses, dentists, mental health providers, and other professionals and can assist in matters before every kind of credentialing panel.  

Health Law

Daily changes in health law can significantly impact your business. As a firm, we are committed to playing a positive role in shaping the medical and healthcare law landscape in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota.

We represent individual healthcare providers and hospitals, clinics and practice groups, and networks. We also provide consulting, risk management, and educational seminars to individual healthcare providers and organizations.

Allow our attorneys to provide you with advice on the legal issues your organization faces on a daily basis. These may include questions involving compliance with state and federal regulations such as HIPAA, and prudent policies in the areas of liability and risk management.

Healthcare Products Liability

The line between products liability claims involving medical products and medical malpractice cases is often blurred.

Our experienced attorneys work primarily with liability issues facing medical professionals and healthcare facilities. This makes our firm uniquely capable of handling health products liability claims. Years of litigation experience and close interaction with medical professionals give us a broad understanding of the array of issues underlying healthcare products liability concerns.

Our healthcare products liability attorneys skillfully represent the interests of designers, manufacturers and suppliers of products used in the healthcare industry, including durable medical equipment and other medical devices.

We defend claims of negligence including those based on:

Premises Liability

Our firm has extensive experience representing Minnesota and Wisconsin businesses who face claims of premises liability. We have defended a wide variety of businesses from large companies to small, rural businesses and every kind of facility in between.

Types of cases we defend include:

Our firm’s long-standing representation of healthcare entities affords our attorneys an advanced level of knowledge of the special discovery protections that apply to healthcare providers. We understand the complexities of patient confidentiality and peer review protections that may apply and have valuable working relationships with leading medical and engineering experts. 

Employment Law

Our attorneys represent healthcare entities, employers, and professional associations in both state and federal courts in cases ranging from race, sex, and national origin discrimination to negligent retention and hiring, and wrongful termination claims.

Our attorneys act as your legal partner, and are able to advise you on everything from personnel policies and practices to laws affecting hiring and termination decisions. While we strive to help you take preventative measures to avoid litigation, should litigation become necessary, we will aggressively represent your interests.

Civil Rights

Our attorneys have years of civil rights experience before administrative law panels as well as in state and federal courtrooms. We have represented defendants in many variations of civil rights claims.

Our experienced attorneys understand the complex state and federal laws governing patient privacy and the interrelationships between federal, state and local enforcement agencies. Additionally, our attorneys include a licensed registered nurse and a former Minneapolis civil rights commissioner.

Types of civil rights cases can include: